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6 Steps for Increasing Flower Quality

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As indoor gardeners, we’re always trying to maximize the quality of our yield, pushing our crops as hard as we can; however, plants can only achieve the quality that their genetic make-up allows.

Unfortunately, some growers still do not see the quality and results that they anticipated even, though they believe they are maximizing their nutrient regimen. The ugly truth about the matter is, just because you have a solid setup or a great nutrient line, there are still many other factors at play that decide a plant’s overall quality.

Here are six tips to help supercharge your plants and take them to the next level!

1. Higher Levels of UVB

As you get towards the last two weeks of your harvest, it is extremely beneficial to switch from a blooming red spectrum of light, to a bluer spectrum with a high concentration of UVB. When plants are subjected to high amounts of UVB, they put on their “sunblock”, per se, which results in more trichomes and heavy resin production.

2. Extended Hours of Darkness

When it becomes time to cut down your harvest, many growers like to subject their plants to a 24 or 48 hour darkness period. By forcing the plant to live through such a long period without light right before being cut down, you’re pushing the plant to secrete whatever resin it has left in it, therefore increasing quality of the overall flowers or buds.

3. Cold Nighttime Temperatures

A lot of growers like to drop their lights off for colder nighttime temperatures during the last one to two weeks of growth. The reason that cooling the room down to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit helps increase quality is because as the temperature of your room decreases, so does the temperature of the plant. Since leaves hold less mass than that of a flower site, causing them to dry out faster, the stored sugars are rushed to the flowers to be used in resin production, as opposed to sitting in a leaf being wasted.

4. Remove Excess Co2

This tip only really matters for a gardener who is bringing in supplemental sources of Co2.

It is willfully noted that in terms of plant ripening, Co2 prolongs the process and can add significant time to a plants life 

cycle. Unfortunately, if a plant takes too long to ripen, potency and quality begin to tank. So cutting out any extra Co2, about two weeks before harvest, is always advised.

5. Humboldt County’s Own Snowstorm Ultra

Snowstorm Ultra is a product that, when used as a root drench, can be quite costly and ineffective. But when used as a foliar spray, it’s extremely beneficial and cost effective.

The main active ingredient is Triacontanol, which is a fatty alcohol that is absorbed by the plant as a growth stimulant, which helps produce trichomes.

Use at the rate of ½ to 1 teaspoon per gallon. Be careful, this will burn plants at the wrong dilution rate.

6. Advanced Nutrient’s Bud Factor X

Like Snowstorm Ultra, Bud Factor X is a lot more effective in both price and results when used a foliar spray. The activeingredient in Bud Factor X is Chitosan, a linear polysccharide that tricks your plants into thinking it’s under attack by insects and other outside elements. By tricking the plant into thinking it’s being harmed, it ramps up the immunity and oil secretion, adding to quality. Use at the rate of 2mLs per gallon. Treat weekly.

Now that you know these six tips to help increase quality in your garden, stop into the shop or visit us at www.urbandgardensupply.net for all your gardening needs!

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