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Urban Garden Supply is Hiring!

As we expand our business and open our 10,000 square foot super-store, we're searching for individuals who feel they'll be a great fit for our team! We're hiring for (almost) all positions and we'd like to hear from you! If you think you'll be a good addition to our team, send us a resume and cover [...]

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Supporting Your Plants, The Right Way

After choosing the right media, after planting seeds or clones and pouring love and attention all over them, after sacrificing time and money to the benevolent plant gods, it’s time to support or train your plants!We have chosen plants for their ability to produce large yields and we hope in the future we will have plants that can support those [...]

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Visit Our New Indoor Garden Wholesale Warehouse!

Indoor Garden Supply Wholesale Warehouse:NOW OPEN!Urban Garden Supply's new 10,000 square foot Indoor Garden Supply Wholesale Warehouse is now open!  Our new facility is the the largest indoor garden supply in the Northwest!We currently offer the most competitive prices in the industry and with our new facility, we’re able to handle the demands of even [...]

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Nutrient Spotlight: Bud Ignitor and Bud Factor X

Regardless of what nutrient regimen you choose, there are two common ideas both commercial and hobbyist growers agree upon: the need for increased yield and the ability to harvest more frequently.Two products that do just that are Advanced Nutrient’s Bud Ignitor and Bud Factor X. Both nutrient additives are vital to seizing any grower’s opportunity to utilize the maximum genetic potential of their [...]

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Do You Have A Secret Recipe?

Anyone who’s been in an indoor garden supply knows there are enough nutrient bottles on the market to make your eyes bleed. Trying to figure out what does what can be completely overwhelming.Quite often after looking at a vast number of bottles our customers will ask, “Do I need all of these to grow?” The answer [...]

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Hey, What's in Your Pot?

Roots need a place to grow and for most plants, that place is called soil. We stock many types of soil and soilless media here at Urban Garden Supply and those vast options can cause confusion to many folks. So today I’m going to explain what makes up soil in bags, what the differences are between those ingredients [...]

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Video With Gavin: Plastic Vs Fabric Pots - What is going to Increase your Yield

To learn more about Fabric Pots and Plastic Pots, check out our recent post "Why You Should Be Using Fabric Pots!"If you need some suggestions on Fabric Pots, check out these from Smart Pot

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Selecting the Best Grow Lights for Your Indoor Garden

Growing is an activity that requires the grower to learn a basic understanding of some difficult subjects. One major thing that sets growers apart is how deep they choose to dive into the world of horticulture and familiarize themselves with all the different products and practices that can give them an added edge in the industry. Somethings that [...]

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Want Maximum Yield? Prune Like a Pro!

If you're looking for the maximum yield possible, there are certain steps you just can't afford to skip!  Pruning is one of them.As scary as the thought may be, it’s an unavoidable process that every grower has to take in order to maximize your yield.  Let's Start Pruning!You are going to cut away most of the plant [...]

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How to Choose the Right Reflector!

So you need a reflector but you don’t know which one to get. There are plenty of options to choose from and plenty of reasons why reflectors (also called hoods), vary so much in terms of price, size, shape and quality. After reading this you should be able to choose the right reflector for yourself without some grow shop guy [...]

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