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Why You Should be Using Fabric Pots!

Most growers have probably seen or heard of fabric pots, but not all of those growers know exactly what they do. Let’s break it down!The Science of Fabric PotsFabric pots, like Smart Pots and Root Pots, might look foreign to the classic plastic pot grower but alas, they should not be met with skepticism. The whole science behind the [...]

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Cloning With Rockwool for High Yield

Cloning is the start of your plant and ensuring the proper procedure is followed is crucial for the birth of your new plant. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps to successfully clone your plants, using rockwool. Razor knife - Thin blade, very sharp Pruning sheers A plastic cup Water Liquid fertilizer Insecticidal soap Small bowl Rooting agent (powder [...]

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​Selecting Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening, beyond the maintenance of regular houseplants, actually necessitates thought and planning. Just like the great outdoors, certain parameters must be met for bountiful gardening. One of these items is lighting. A wide range of decorative houseplants will get along fine with window and incandescent lighting already provided. Wintering herbs and other small outdoor plants can also be an option [...]

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Grow Room Basics Every Indoor Gardener Needs to Know

Starting a trouble-free indoor garden involves a good plan and the right equipment. Plants require light, CO2, water, nutrients, the right temperature and humidity and all within an appropriate range. Let’s look into some of the equipment that common indoor gardens use.Indoor grow lights are sold in three separate parts: the ballast, which converts electrical current [...]

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Nine Indoor Plants that are Easy to Grow

If you want to start an indoor garden but are unsure about the plants to choose, pick some from these 9 indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Indoor plants can help improve the décor and also keep the air clean. However, some of these plants are toxic and should not be grown in homes with children [...]

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Growing Plants and Gardens Indoors

There are many benefits to growing plants indoors. Those living in urban areas with less yard space, very cold climates, and so on can still enjoy gardening by starting and maintaining their own indoor garden. In addition, indoor gardens can help ensure that the plants thrive beyond their traditional growing season since it is possible to control their environment better.LocationThe [...]

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Caring for Your Indoor Gardening Tool Kit

It is important to have the right set of tools to get the job done, but it is equally important to care for these set of tools if you want them to last longer and do the job well. This is particularly true in the case of your indoor gardening tool kit. Gardening tools are often quite neglected, and [...]

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Indoor Gardening Made Easy with the Right Set of Tools

Plants add a touch of life and color to any home. An indoor garden adds a fantastic charm to just about any space, livens it up and calms it down, all at the same time. Whether you are a gardening expert or a beginner who is just making their foray into the world of indoor gardening, you need to [...]

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Growing Your Own Herbs

Appetizing Kitchen Companions There is nothing better than freshly grown herbs, they make your taste buds do a delightful little dance. Green, lush rosemary and parsley is great to add into home-made sauces and soups, they are even useful in doctoring up grocery store sauces. Herbs can turn mundane dishes into culinary delights. Unfortunately, areas with harsh winter [...]

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Insecticides and Fungicides for Indoor Plants

Insects and fungi are attracted to healthy, growing plants at every stage since they provide food and nutrition. Plants in indoor gardens can attract ants, aphids, fungus gnats, beetles, mealy bugs, spider mites, white flies, and many others. The best way to tackle these pests is to obtain insecticides or fungicides that are formulated to specifically target the pests you [...]

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