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Getting Started with Aeroponic Gardening

Aeroponic gardening continues to grow in popularity as a new and technologically advanced gardening methods. It’s a valuable technique for the indoor growing community for its many benefits and light weight system, which is similar to that of traditional hydroponics. With the first techniques published in the 1980s, aeroponic gardening methods strip away the need for an ebb and flow [...]

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Easing into Indoor Gardening

Growing an indoor gardening offers multiple benefits, including: Greater Control Over What Is Placed In Your Refrigerator And On Your Dinner Plate. Since there isn't a federal requirement for labeling genetically modified foods, the sure way to eliminate genetically modified food from your daily diet is to grow your own vegetables with non-GMO seeds. A Wider Selection Of Fresh Produce At Reduced [...]

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Lighting Pattern in a Typical Indoor Garden

Having the proper lighting setup for your indoor garden is crucial for maximizing your yield and ensuring your grow survives all the way to flowering. Lighting is the most important aspect of indoor gardening and most common types of lighting used are fluorescent grow lights, LED, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. Lighting patterns in a [...]

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Moving Your Garden Indoors - Learning Hydroponics

Growing plants inside the home can be done many ways. You’re able to grow them the same way that you would outside; but within a controlled environment including soil, lighting, temperature and other factors. One of the most popular techniques for growing plants indoors is known as hydroponics. This is the art of growing plants inside without using soil. While [...]

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Steps to Establish an Urban Friendly Indoor Garden

It is a well known fact that anyone can grow a wide variety of crops inside the comfort of their own home. Different types of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers, along with an endless number of other plants, can be grown in small home spaces with the assistance of high quality indoor gardening supplies. Urban dwellers all over the globe have begun [...]

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In the Fight against “Drift”, Hydroponics Wins

Hydroponics, the cultivation of plants in water instead of soil, has a number of advantages over traditional gardening techniques. It can be done anywhere, even in a desert or potentially on the moon. Food can be produced within a mile of end-users, even in a city, where land is at a premium. And this, in turn, cuts down on [...]

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pH Probe Storage and Maintenance

When talking with my gardening buddies and customers alike, I find varying beliefs on just about any gardening-related subject, but this idea is generally agreed on: Shortcuts aren’t successful; diligence is.Even though as a whole, we as gardeners became gardeners due to our creativity, ingenuity and general rebelliousness, hard work applied at the right times can make the whole experience incredibly [...]

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10 Tips to get the Most Out of Your First Grow!

Beginning your first indoor grow can be terrifying, exciting, or most likely a little of both. Thankfully, however, you can count reading this blog post as your first step in the right direction. Hopefully with these ten tips and tricks, your first garden can be as good as most experienced growers get by their third or fourth attempt!1. Read, read, [...]

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Cutting Edge Solutions Three Part Nutrient Review

Since breaking into the hydroponic industry in 2001, Cutting Edge Solutions has been steadily on the rise amongst hobbyist and professional grade growers. With the companies’ combined knowledge of hydroponic growing, it is no surprise their products have become a top contender alongside other major brands. However, one of the main differences between CES and other leading brands is that the [...]

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Water Chemistry Basics for Hydroponic Systems

The basics of water chemistry is essential knowledge for indoor gardeners who seek high crop quality and yield. How do we get balanced PH levels, proper nutrient absorption, and tastier tomatoes? Minerals, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and total dissolved solids (TDS) content are all contributing factors in achieving optimal water quality for plants which depend on indoor conditions for survival. Total Dissolved Solids, [...]

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