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The Basics of Hydroponic Gardening: pH and Nutrients

Outdoor gardening is a wonderful way of supplying yourself and your family with fresh, reliable produce. However, we don’t all have the space required to nourish soil beds. Fortunately, using hydroponics, homeowners can grow an abundance of edible plants indoors, all year round. Hydroponic gardening doesn’t use soil, instead, the roots of the plant are suspended in clay pellets and bathed with [...]

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Root Aphids: Sabotaging Gardens without Warning!

Root aphids are becoming a severe problem for indoor gardens across the nation. Root aphids are plant pests that live in your growing mediums and are exceptionally hard to detect. What are root aphids, you might ask? They are basically plant lice that thrive off eating the sap and moisture from your plant’s root systems.If [...]

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FoxFarm Nutrient Review

Fox Farm Line Fox Farm is a classic nutrient line that compliments its big name household garden line of soils, Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farm Happy Frog. Many gardeners have found the Fox Farm 2 part synthetic, 1 part organic nutrient line to be a great introductory nutrient formula for their first grows because of its easy to [...]

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Tips For Flushing Your Plants

Flushing nutrients from your plant’s grow medium is crucial for ensuring that you get the highest quality harvest possible. Every grower has their own schedule for when and how to schedule a flush on their plants. For most indoor gardeners, hydroponic or soil, flushing is as much about preference as it is dependent on the way in which your [...]

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Terpinator Review

There has been a lot of buzz around the release of Terpinator. With its promise of boosting the level of terpenoids in your plants, Terpinator aims to deliver higher levels of aromatic plant oils and gland development to your precious flower. This new formulated aromatic booster not only promises to deliver higher resin content to [...]

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Things a Beginning Grower Should Keep In Mind

If you're building a new system and you're looking for some great tips from the pros, take a look at these options listed below to help your garden produce higher denser yields. Whether you are building a large-scale grow or small-scale start up system these simple tips will give you the growers’ edge, and help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes [...]

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How to Clone Plants like a Pro

Cloning starts in high volume gardens can become a process of meticulous organization. It’s important that a clean and sterile environment can be assured. It does not matter if you are working on a small scale garden and taking from your mother plants or in large scale gardens where you have to assure mothers will be strong enough to [...]

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Co2 for Your Indoor Garden

Adding more CO2 to indoor garden air stimulates growth. Indoor gardens have similar cultivation conditions to those in a greenhouse, and indoor gardens can apply the same principles. By increasing the amount of CO2 available to plants from the 300-400ppm to 1200-1500ppm, you will increase your plants foliage significantly. Plants can grow as much as 30 percent faster giving you [...]

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