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​ How to Properly Size a Dehumidifier to a Garden

Sizing the proper dehumidifier to a grow space is not the easiest calculation a grower has to make, but it is very important. Every year growers spend millions of dollars on equipment that doesn’t fit their space.Like anything, just break the task down into small parts and it isn’t that big of a deal. First, measure how much nutrient solution [...]

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​Integrated Pest Management and Your Garden

We have a lot of friends coming into the shop this year trying to fend on an invasion from some sort of mite and the wretched powdery mildew. Higher than average temps this summer meant higher than usual humidity levels. Higher humidity levels equate to more moisture in the air which can give rise to a host of [...]

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Why Should I Use Cal Mag for Plants?

If you want to up your yield, increase plant vitality and overall vegetative growth you need to begin thinking about additive or secondary nutrients to add to your special nutrient formula or line. Fast growing flowers and vegetables require nearly as much calcium as other macronutrients. Magnesium too, can benefit your yields, while deficiencies can ruin many a harvest [...]

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All About the Supernatural Line Including TerraPonic

If you are looking to increase yields while maintaining a safe and simple pH buffer look no further than the BC favorite SuperNatural TerraPonic specially designed formula. These advanced Supernatural plant nutrients are designed to maximize each stage of plant development. They are custom buffered for use in hydroponics and aeroponics systems, as well as organic soil and soilless [...]

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Vitamin B1 For Plants | Shocks | What Kind of Grower Are you?

I really started thinking about growing today and came up with this conclusion, “ a person who thinks all a gardener does and thinks about is putting thing into the ground and waiting for them to grow is missing the magical genius of a grower and the amazing amount of technical knowledge a person needs to be successful. ” I used to [...]

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Chitosan | The Missing Ingredient to Higher Yields

Chitosan is another thing that you should consider adding to your nutrient mix for your plants. I know what you're thinking, “isn’t Chitosan that thing that kid at the nutrition store tried to sell me as a fat blocker?” Actually, yes, it is. However, to be brutally honest, the research says that it does not work for that purpose [...]

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Better Yields, More Money

You produce a very specific product and your competitor also produces that specific product. The end user, if all things being equal, sees that your product is the same as your competitor’s product, and the question in your prospect’s mind is very easy to guess.“Why should I do business with you instead of him?” Let’s face it. You do not [...]

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Harpin Proteins | Axiom | Research

Press "Control" and "+" to zoom in (control +) if you have difficulty reading the file above. Press "Control" and "-" to zoom out (control -).You can also click the image to enlarge it. Get Axiom by clicking here.You can check out this article about Harpin Proteins here as well.Love the infographic? Get notified the next one [...]

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Axiom from a Grower's Perspective

Indoor gardening can be a breeding ground for all sorts of viral bacterial and fungal pathogens. In the pursuit of creating an indoor environment that mimics the natural elements provided by Mother Nature, many indoor gardeners find themselves constantly regulating and monitoring their plants health so as to protect their plant’s from a full frontal pathogen outbreak. Like many [...]

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Recently, we had a question from one of our customers about choosing the right lights for their grow. There are many different types of lights and lighting set ups on the market.They all can serve a particular purpose and sometimes multipurpose. This can create a tough decision.Plants do not see light as humans do.  So [...]

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