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Nutrient Spotlight: Blossom Builders

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You’re in the middle of your blooming phase; everything is going well, except you can’t seem to achieve the weight or size that you were anticipating. You’re wondering what you can do to change that, and luckily, there are plenty of products that will help you get your plants on track to what you envisioned in your mind! These are not all the blossom builders we have in the shop, but FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30), Botanicare Hydroplex, and Aurora Innovations HPK are three products that cater to a broad variety of growers using varying types of media and systems.

FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz

FoxFarm has done an excellent job creating a nutrient line that delivers a quality product consistently. Their bloom 

booster, called Beastie Bloomz, is an awesome product that is competitively priced and goes a long way. Beastie Bloomz can be used in conjunction with any other nutrient line and is pH balanced, so it won’t cause any fluctuation in reservoirs or drain to waste watering systems.

As per Fox Farm’s feeding chart, Beastie Bloomz is to be used during either the fifth or sixth week of flower, to maximize the density and size of your fruits or flowers. Sourced from quality ingredients that one could expect from a company like Fox Farm and the need to be used for only one week during each flowering cycle, Beastie Bloomz value extends beyond that of many other products in the industry and finds its home in the nutrient regimens of both novice and seasoned growers.

Botanicare Hydroplex

For all the gardeners out there who prefer not to use powdered nutrients like Beastie Bloomz, Botanicare makes a product called Hydroplex (0-10-6) which is the bloom booster in their product line.

Hydroplex is a customer favorite around the shop because of its noticeably low dilution rate of only 2-5 milliliters per gallon and the versatility of the product in conjunction with other nutrient lines. Botanicare boasts that Hydroplex also contains more trace minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins over other leading brands in the industry, giving Hydroplex that extra kick above some of the competition out there.

According to Botanicare’s feed chart, Hydroplex can be added to your nutrient solution starting in week three and can be ran all the way through the second to last week before you flush. The fact that you can use this product so close to harvest is one of the biggest selling points, as it also contains a light amount of sulfur magnesium which helps bring flavors in fruits and herbs to the forefront of the consumer’s palette. I would not suggest replacing a sweetener with Hydroplex, but for a baller on a budget, it really can be a helpful quick fix for a run or two!

Aurora Innovations HPK

Now everything that has been mentioned in this article so far requires growers to feed their plants with readily available mineral salts, but for the growers out there who are pumping their gardens with organic nutrients, you guys will need 

something different. For organic growers looking to really plump their plants up and give them comparable weight to what you see with plants that are fed with salts, I love setting gardeners up with Aurora Innovation’s HPK nutrient.

HPK (0-5-4) is the flower hardener of the Roots Organics line, which is derived from specially selected bat guanos, seabird guano, and langbeinite. Seabird and Bat guano provides the phosphorus, while the langbeinite, which is mined from ancient sea beds, provides the potassium, pushing buds and fruits to reach their genetic potential. Being that HPK is an organic product, it works synergistically with the microbial life within the soil to allow your plant to uptake the nutrients in their minimally processed form. HPK can be used at one tablespoon per gallon during the flowering cycle of plant growth and can be added to any organic line that you are using.

For all of your blossom builder and nutrient needs come stop by the shop or visit us at www.urbangardensupply.net!

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