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Nutrients for the Novice

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For some first time growers the hydroponic shop is the candy store; shelves lined with product after product, each of which could be incorporated into a nutrient regimen to help kick out the best finished flowers possible. On the other hand, some novice gardeners feel nothing but overwhelming uncertainty about the array of choices available to them.

So I’ve put together a guide that focuses on two simple nutrient lines, which will make choosing what to feed your plants the least of your worries.


FoxFarm's user-friendly three part line that almost anyone can get the hang of quickly. It consists of Grow Big (6-4-4)Big Bloom (0.01-0.3-0.7), and Tiger Bloom (2-8-4).

Grow Big will act as your main base nutrient for the vegetative life cycle of the garden and provides everything a plant will need to grow strong, sturdy stalks for handling all the weight they will put on later. Since it is a concentrated product, it is only required every other watering, which makes it easy for the user.

Big Bloom is a micro-brewed flowering nutrient that will be extremely effective in providing plants with what they need, but is still mild enough to use with every watering. Being composed mostly of earthworm castings, fossilized bat guanos, Norwegian kelp, and rock phosphate; this product is 100% organic. It provides the added boost needed to help get flowering nutrients to the places they need to be.

Tiger Bloom will act as the flowering base nutrient. You’ll begin using it at the first signs of flowering. Being high in phosphorus, Tiger Bloom will be a needed part of your plant’s nutrition for its flowering cycle. With a purposely low pH, the shelf life of the product is incredible; just do not forget to pH balance after mixing everything up!


Since Dyna-Gro is a one part nutrient, I love setting new growers up with their product line.

They make quite a few supplemental products, but their main line is just their Grow (7-9-5) and Bloom (3-12-6), which is used for exactly what you would think, vegetative growth and flowering growth.

Some of the biggest things that set Dyna-Gro apart from the competition are that they include the sixteen essential minerals necessary for the healthiest plants possible, contains no urea (that’s a win for the hydro growers out there), and is chelated extremely well, so there shouldn’t be any left over salts.

This product is not registered organic but nonetheless, it is relatively mild. Dyna-Gro claims that it will not harm any sea life in either a pond or fish tank, so for any newer organic focused growers out there looking to break into using mineral based salts, this is a great stepping stone!

Now I know there are many other products available, some that may be just as simple as the ones that have been suggested, but for any newbie gardener looking to get across the finish line with a sound product, both Fox Farm’s three part and Dyna-Gro’s one part formulas do the job every day of the week.

Stop into Urban Garden Supply at either location or visit us on the web at www.urbangardensupply.net for all your growing needs! 

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