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Exhaust Fan CFM Calculator

Exhaust Fan CFM Calculator

Hydroponics Exhaust Fan CFM Calculation


Exhaust Fan CFM Calculation

Excellent airflow will guarantee stable temperatures and acceptable levels of CO2 (especially when no CO2 enrichment is being used). Better to go too big than too small when it comes to inline fans. If you plan on running a carbon filter or have multiple bends in your ducting, increase the CFMs even further.
Enter the height of your grow room (Ft.)
CFM's needed to exchange air completely.

Every 5 minutes

Every 1 minute (optimal)
We recommend exchanging the air in your grow room every 1 to 5 minutes. (Every 1 minute when ambient temperatures are high, Every 5 minutes when ambient temperatures are low.)

Enter the width of your grow room (Ft.)
Enter the length of your grow room (Ft.)

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